Wednesday, 24 July 2013

English Vinglish

2012 - Dir: Gauri Shinde

Shown in FeckenOdeon 2 on 17th May, 2013

“Here is a likable family comedy from India with its own air of innocence, and a boisterous cameo from Amitabh Bachchan. Former ad director Gauri Shinde makes her feature debut, and the star is Bollywood veteran Sridevi. It's very amiable, feelgood entertainment that goes down as well as the heroine's tasty ladoos.”
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
For a Bollywood comedy to receive a review, let alone a flattering one, in a British mainstream newspaper would have been unheard of a few years back - but here we are looking forward to a technically accomplished, cleverly scripted and highly enjoyable movie that has earned a box office return far in excess of anything the big American distributors can attain.
It’s a strangely topical tale when issues of immigration are high on the political agenda in the UK and when women are redefining their roles in Indian society. How do you cope when you find yourself in a foreign land unable to understand or speak the language? How do you cope with the unfamiliar social pressures from a freer society? The film tackles the issues with a light touch but the messages are there and may hit home harder for being delivered with a smile.
The star of this film, Sridevi, is remarkable for the fact that she hasn’t acted for 15 years. Her career was at it’s peak when she decided that her young family came first and took a career break. Her return to the screen was a big selling point and it’s fair to say that she didn’t disappoint her fans.

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