Monday, 10 August 2009

Two Way Stretch

1960 - Dir: Robert Day

Shown at The FeckenOdeon on 28th September 2002

"Two-Way Stretch" combines all the elements of classic British comedy: great comic actors, tight story line, fast pace, and not over broad slapstick. Sellers, Cribbins, and Jeffries come close to replaying their roles in "Wrong Arm of the Law," with Sellers and Cribbins the crooks and Jeffries representing the Law. But this time Jeffries is a delightfully wicked "screw," out to get the two lay-about inmates in any way he can. Wilfred Hyde-White, masterminds the whole thing from his vantage point as a venal vicar! The zany Liz Fraser plays Sellers' girlfriend, Ethel, and the incomparable Irene Handl charms as Cribbins' mum. A delight all round! If you haven't seen this movie you're in for a treat, Forget Inspector Clousseau, this is the definitive Peter Sellers. Director Robert Day was responsible for much of the "Tarzan" series of films and, later in a long career, directed mainly for television - including episodes of "Emergency Ward 10" and "Dallas".

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