Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mrs Henderson Presents

2005 - Dir.: Stephen Frears
Shown at The FeckenOdeon on 29th September, 2007
"Mrs. Henderson Presents" is a delight of a film, sentimental and fond, full of beautifully acted British resolve, copious undraped British bosoms - and, mercifully briefly - certain parts of Bob Hoskins in medium shot. There wouldn't be a British film industry without performers of a certain age getting their kit off for a laugh.
Director Stephen Frears is nothing if not versatile. Twenty years ago he made one of the best films about multi ethnic London ("My Beautiful Laundrette"), and soon after made the dark and sharp "The Grifters" as well as one of the best of his generation's costume pictures ("Dangerous Liaisons"). More recently he scored with "Dirty Pretty Things," which has very little in common with a charmer like "Mrs. Henderson Presents."
· The censorship officer charged with inspecting the Windmill’s tableaux was a Mr George Titman.
· Pauline Collins made her big screen debut playing a fallen Windmill girl in the tawdry “Secrets of a Windmill Girl” (1966). We assume that Ms Collins would rather not be reminded of the experience.
· The leader of the Windmill’s nude chorus was one Pamela Cushla le Poer Davidson - the daughter of the de-frocked Vicar of Skiffkey (who was later mauled to death by a lion at a circus).
· “To think that this jolly entertainment goes on all day from 2 o'clock onward, and that you can slip in and out as you wish, certain of being amused or charmed!” Variety Magazine

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